Monday, January 11, 2010

Things To Say In A Wedding Card My Sister Is Going To Get Married But L Dont Know What To Write In The Card Any Sujestions For A Wedding Ca?

My Sister is going to get Married but l dont know what to write in the card any sujestions for a wedding ca? - things to say in a wedding card

What is your brother to write wedding invitations to say nice things, but you do not know how


☺I.AM.ME ♥ said...

Congratulations ..... It's your big day ...... You have a time of Brill

Susan said...

If you imagine sitting down to write down the card, talk with her sister face to face. Simply enter the words you say.
We want the best for your future health and happiness. And do not forget to tell him how special he is and how happy she is your sister!

We hope you enjoy your wedding!

gir'frin... said...

Share what you know you feel your new brother-hatred! lol

It should not be too corny ...
Best wishes for your new life together!
Welcome to the family of the brother () the name of the law!
Very happy for you! We wish you a pleasant stay on our honeymoon!

Or you can find a very good seal and sign:
Your name

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